Sometimes professionals and end users take search engine optimization for granted by not effectively applying the power and benefits to complete use. The connectivity between search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO) has been tested by brands and promoters to reach a wider audience on the internet. This leads to having a social media presence, attaining high-authority social status and shares, in result obtaining quality backlinks.

The question now, does social sharing influence your page visibility or ranking? This depends on some factors, such as, reason why users will share your post, content quality and target audience. Now and then journalist, author, brand influencer or blogger may pick an interest on your content and decide to share or refer to it; this is great for ranking. The more persons who get to share your post, the better chances you stand in ranking. Relationship building with creators, bloggers, journalist etc, have a good impact to influence your ranking, and don’t forget the key here is continuous sharing of quality and relevant content.

Search engines recognize reliable website and how to rank them with target keywords, so publishing content to your various social media platforms boost your visibility to search engines and in turn help your business brand to be found on social media with the target keyword. Implementing a good Social media strategy should be taken seriously, they often rank very higher than your business website. Not only that, social media platform is vital to search engines, everything today is now mostly social media based and users search for services or products by means of social media cause results are getting precisely.

The epitome is to focus on establishing solid social media presence on every platform, this increase your search engine optimization ranking, as well help reach your target audience.