When watching the film Ex-Machina for the first time, you may wonder if the world of humans is diving into its eventual demise or a greater evolution is about to rise. However, it won’t suddenly get to that level all of a sudden. The reality is that people are continually seeking to get work done faster and smarter, this is why smart homes are becoming an increasing necessity and less of a luxury. When you think of a family of professionals that have to go out for work early and return late, then it is paramount to have someone do all the chores. However, the efficiency of human beings can be put under question and not be consistent, this is why smart appliances that can be modulated from the comfort of your smartphone is crucial. This sort of improvement in the accomplishments of home tasks is becoming revolutionary, but the insight movies like Ex-Machina brings to the table is the internet of things unemployment that comes after artificial intelligence becomes self-aware.

Already, self-driving automobiles are already being tested and will soon be in operation in society. This alone will eliminate the entire human population working in the transport system. Therefore, internet of things (IoT) unemployment is bound to rise in several sectors of the world. Marketing consultancy is already being outsourced to digital marketing platforms because online marketing has disrupted the commerce world. I can go on and on about the takeover that is imminent, the banking sector is almost automated except a few dynamics that are still being managed by personnel. You can imagine that with a little development of artificial intelligence, and someone behind a computer some of those tasks can be encoded into a robot or a program to carry them out. The evidence of the job take-overs is becoming more noticeable and more common as technology is advancing.

According to research carried out five years ago at Oxford University, the rate of unemployment will rise to a staggering figure of about 50 percent just as a result of the internet of things. It may sound irrational to have a robotic bartender, but the movie, Passengers, starring Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt, as given us a peek into that possibility. The idea of impossibility breached in that film’s reality may be consistent with human space traveling technology, which may be years or centuries away, but we now have humanoid robots like Sophie. This shows we are steps closer, to say the least.

Many people are oblivious to the reality that the Internet of Things (IoT) is gradually becoming that of everything because it has revolutionized the effect software program have on so many things. Yes, it makes things much easier and effective, but it is also taking jobs away. Let’s not make this profound advancement into that of impending doom, but we need to start looking at ways to exploit the market being opened as well. Software programming education with organizations like Codeupset has now become a massive part of the next generation’s education. Therefore, if it can be relevant to an orthodox sector like medicine, then IoT unemployment is probably one to be embraced to usher us all into a new reality.